Xfinity, eXede, CenturyLink, H2O Bolt and Unwired West High Speed Internet


Finding the right Internet Package can be very frustrating and time consuming, so we will now attempt to clarify the differences, simplify the details, and speak frankly about the Pros & Cons of each option.

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Basic Dial-Up Internet is the very first method used to access the Internet years ago and is still in use today, especially in rural areas.  All you need is a phone jack in your home, a dial-up account with a dial-up provider and a ton of patience.  This option is the least expensive, but lacks the data speeds needed to effectively stream video, music, or download large files.  If your needs are basic and you have the patience to wait for files to download to your computer, dial-up may be your cost-effective solution.


Pros: Low cost.  Easy installation.

Cons: Slow.  No streaming of video or music.  No gaming.  No wireless connectivity. 

Carrier(s):  People PC, Juno, AT&T Dial-Up, Earthlink

Cost:  $10 - $25 per month + taxes & fees 


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The solution to dial-up service in rural areas has been the Internet via satellite, which is faster and can handle most video and music streaming, but real-time gaming may be a challenge.  The satellite receiver must be attached to your home or on a post/pole nearby, with a clear view of the south-eastern sky.  Speeds range from 5 Mbps to 15 Mbps, but the data is usually capped, so overages are possible and a very real concern if you have many Internet capable devices.

Pros:  Faster option than dial-up in rural areas.  Several high-speed options and data packages.  Yes to video streaming, music and most gaming.  Yes to wireless connectivity with a wireless router.

Cons:  Must have a clear view of the south-eastern sky for installation.  Weather conditions or obstructions may hinder connectivity.  Data is capped, so selecting the right data plan is important to avoid overages, especially if you plan to watch movies.  Some customers have complained about escalating cost.  Always good to monitor your monthly bill.

Carrier(s):  eXede, Hughes Net

Cost:  $60 - $150 per month + taxes & fees apply


Portability!  This is a hotspot that powers up to five devices at 4-10 Mbps. With wireless 4G internet you get access to the same nationwide coverage you have with your cell phone, but with plans that are tailored for more data usage. Some prepaid plans prohibit using your phone as a hotspot. Also a phone isn't designed to be used consistently as a hotspot. It drains the battery quickly and can interrupt texting and phone calls. With a dedicated hotspot you can still get online with your laptop or tablet even when away from home or work. 

Pros:  Portable.  Yes to video and music streaming.  Real-Time gaming is not out of the question, but it will lag/buffer at times and if someone else is also logged onto the device, you will experience a noticeable slow down.   Flat prepaid rate.  No contracts.

Cons:  Capped at 1, 3, 5, 7 or 10 GBs.

Carrier:  H2O Bolt (AT&T Network), Selectel (Verizon Network)

Cost:  $20, $50, $70, $90 (Prepaid-No taxes or fees) 


Get up to 40 Mbps if you have fiber-optics in your neighborhood!  If you have a phone jack in your home and if the wiring in your neighborhood consists of the new fiber-optic updates, you too can have blazing fast speeds.  However, if you happen to live in a community where the lines have not been updated, you may still have up to 20 Mbps!  We will have to check your address to verify the speeds in your area before you agree to the terms, which could be contractual or non-contractual.  You choose. 

Pros:  Easy installation if you have a phone jack.  Fast speeds for most, some will only get 1.5 Mbps.  All-in-one wireless router, Contracts are optional, You can bundle with Home Phone service and lock the price in for 5 years (Current Promotion).  Reliable connections.

Cons: Old wiring = Slower speeds. You need a phone jack in your home. Some customers have complained about escalating cost.  Always good to monitor your monthly bill.

Carrier:  CenturyLink

Cost:  $29.99 - $69.99 per month + taxes & fees


Get super-fast and consistent speeds with Cable Broadband!  Cable does not rely on a phone jack, the south-eastern sky, or your proximity to a cell tower, but it does rely on cable lines which are primarily underground and located where there is a dense population of people/homes.  Therefore, those who live in most rural areas are out of luck.  Cable can also bundle your Internet service with television, home phone and home security at a reduced overall cost. 

Pros:  Fast and consistent.  Bundling options.  Yes to all streaming of music, video and real-time gaming, even at the entry level option of 25 Mbps. 

Cons:   Cable installation to your home if necessary.  Some customers have complained about escalating cost.  Always good to monitor your monthly bill. 

Carrier:  xFinity

Cost:  $40 - $60 per month + taxes and fees (Internet only)

Our pledge to you:  We are not here to convince you to sign up for an Internet Plan that does not fit your needs or "Bundoozle" you into a contract with a low introductory rate and a 50-75% increase after the first year.  We believe in full disclosure.  We lay out the details.  You choose what works best for you and/or your family....and in the end, regrets or surprises.  

By the way, we don't sell your contact information or stuff your mailbox with endless spam.   We kind'a like the "P" word.  


Sign up with us and get a free cell phone powerbank thirty days after activation!  ($40value)

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