BOSS Revolution

...another way to join the value-based migration.

Looking for great International Calling Rates?  Seeking a calling card that never expires?  Tired of entering an endless code number when dialing abroad?  We've got the answer for you.

Click on the link below and see for yourself.  It's painless and you can always go back in and recharge your account or get a refund if your need to call Internationally changes.  Refund?  Yes, if you don't use or need the remainder of your balance you can have it refunded into your account.  Nice.

Contact us at one of our locations or via email and try it for FREE!

Flexibility is always the first option. 


Boss Revolution Rates



H2O International Calling

H2O wireless offers great international calling options along with their already low monthly plans. if you choose H2O as your pre-paid carrier you could receive as much as $40 a month in International calling credits! Check out the link below to see a list of countries you may be able to call for free!


H2O International List


International Texting

We have several prepaid options if International Text messaging is your preferred method of communication. Stay in touch with friends overseas at no additional cost! 

  • Simple Mobile (All monthly plans)
  • H2O ($40,$50 or $60 Plan) 
  • Telcel America (Mexico & Canada)