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We also offer true minute plans that could cost you as little as $30 a year!

100, 400, 1000 Minute Plans for as little as .06 cents per minute and lasting up to 120 days (Approximately 4 Months)! can choose 2000 minutes for $80, and they are good for 1 full year! 

Again, you mark your calendar and manage your cell phone usage and reap the benefits.  Yes, the minutes do rollover as long as you add additional minutes prior to the expiration date. Family Plans. the math, you may still save more and get more by being well informed and going Prepaid with devote30!

Did YOU know that you can, in most scenarios, try a Prepaid Service for one month, pay less than what you pay now, and if you're unhappy, you can return to a contracted provider, get a "Free" phone, sign a new two year contract, and still save money for one month of prepaid service.  With that said, if you find that a Prepaid Service suits you and/or your family, you can continue to save each and every month with flat rates, no contracts and no overages at an affordable price. 

All of our Cell Phone plans are offered at fixed monthly rates with no additional taxes or surcharges.  Imagine that.  We also welcome most phones, including iPhones, Androids, Blackberrys and Windows phones.    

The Cell Phone plans we distribute offer Nationwide coverage, but of course some coverage areas are larger than others.  If you have a specific geographical need, please disclose your situation so that we can better serve you.

Listed below are a few of our most popular monthly plans:

$30 = Unlimited Talk / Unlimited Text/MMS & 1GB of Data (Verizon network)

$30 = Unlimited Talk/Unlimited Text/MMS & 3 GBs of 4G LTE Data (AT&T network)

$40.00 = Unlimited Calls /  Texts & 3 GBs of 4G LTE Data (AT&T network)

$40.00 = Unlimited Calls/Text & International Text & Unlimited 8 GBs of 4G LTE Data (At&T network) Web 

$50.00 = Unlimited Calls/Texts/Picture Messages/ & 5 GBs of 4G LTE Data (Verizon network)

$50.00 = Unlimited Calls / Unlimited Texts & Internatonal Texts & 10 GBs of 4G LTE Data (AT&T Network)  

$60.00 = Unlimited Calls / Unlimited Texts & International Texts / Unlimited 4G LTE (AT&T network)