My wife and I were once contracted wireless consumers, and noticed that whenever we went abroad, Prepaid Cell Phone Services were the only option for not only travelers, but the general population as well.  Sure, there were a few contracted options, but 90-95% of what was offered was prepaid.  In addition, the pricing was considerably less than what we were paying here in the States and offered more in terms of talk minutes, text messages and data.  The only caveat was that the User was now responsible for managing their cell phone activities and adding more time when necessary.  What a novel concept...  You manage your own responsibility and save money while doing so.  We were sold.

Fast forward to 2009, when our contract with an unnamed cell phone provider expired and all the "Free Phone" offers began to infiltrate our mailbox, that we decided to seek alternative options that were similar to those abroad.  Well, our quest lasted approximately four months before we discovered a new world of options simmering below the cellular radar in California, just waiting to be introduced to the citizens of Oregon.

Contracted cell phone service may not not be a good option for large businesses/corporations that require security settings, families with five or more cell phone lines, and those who have a hard time managing their cell phone affairs (Late Pay).

For the majority of us, prepaid services may be the most fundamentally sound financial decision you've made in quite some time.


Local businesses in your communities have to work much harder to earn your business and loyalty against the big-box stores and the retail internet giants that rely solely on price.  We, along with other local businesses struggle against this everyday, so our defense is always customer service, knowledge and accessibility.  Try calling Amazon when there's a problem with the product you've ordered or having a complex technical conversation with a big-box employee regarding your cell phone service.  With that said, by no means are we perfect, but we understand that our existence in the community is predicated on our ability to assist you and offer alternatives that suit your needs and not the needs of a corporate conglomerate.  Local Business does Matter.

devote30 was established in 2009 to offer a flexible value-based alternative to contracted wireless services.  Most of us are aware that the FCC, decades ago, regulated against monopolies, forcing large companies to share their communication networks with smaller less established companies to foster growth and competition in the marketplace.  Well, this FCC regulation also applies to the wireless industry...

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