4G Broadband

If mobility is priority when it comes to having access to the internet then H2O and Selectel have great options for you. Both carriers offer great options to allow you to get online when away from home. Visit one off our 3 locations or call 541-525-0844, for more details about coverage and plans.

H2O Bolt 4G



With the H2O Bolt hotspot, you can connect multiple devices at the same time. With the built in display, you can manage which devices are connected and monitor usage.

H2O Bolt 4G Hotspot: $150.00

H2O Bolt 4G Hotspot: $150.00


$25.00/10 days

2GBs of 4G data
2GBs of 128Kbps data

$50.00/30 DAYS

5GBs of 4G data
5GBs of 128Kbps data

$70.00/30 days

7GBs of 4G data
7GBs of 128Kbps data

$90.00/30 days

10GBs of 4G data
10GBs of 128Kbps data

Selectel 3G & 4G


With these hotspots you have access to America's largest 3G & 4G network.

3G hotspots

4G hotspots

$20.00/30 days

3G or 4G devices
1GB of Data

$35.00/30 days

3G or 4G devices
3GBs of Data

$50.00/30 days

3G or 4G devices
5GBs of Data