Online Payments & Recharges

 Making a payment?  We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover.  Address verification is a must, so please provide accurate billing information to avoid having your card declined, which may result in the funds being held in your account for 24-48 hours. 

devote30 CUSTOMERS

  • Great changes!  Monthly and minute plans are now added immediately.  No more waiting for a text and then applying a pin # to your account.  The process has been streamlined over the phone or online...24 hours a day!  

    NO REFUNDS or EXCHANGES on refills or recharges, so make sure you get it right the first time.

  • $2.00 Convenience Fee per transaction*

  • If after following the instructions, you were unable to complete the recharge, please contact us with the transaction information at 

  • Recurring/Automatic Payments - You can choose to sign-up right from the payment portal and have your payments done automatically.

  • Text "YES" following your initial payment when you receive an automatically generated payment reminder and have the next month added without signing up for Automatic Payments.

  • Things are getting better all the time...



  • Monthly Plans are for 30 days of service. If you are out of minutes, your new plan will not renew until the current 30 day plan has ended.  If you choose to immediately start the new plan, the remainder of the old plan will be forfeited. 

  • If you are out of minutes, texts or data, we suggest adding a Standard Plan ($10, $25, $50, $80) to your balance.  (Talk,Text or Data charged at per)

  • If you are routinely running out of minutes, texts or data, we suggest upgrading to the next plan to lower your overall cost. 

  • When Upgrading Monthly Plans, they begin immediately and run for 30 days

  • You will receive a text message when the month of service has been applied.

*The $2.00 convenience fee helps to offset the rising cost of processing credit card transactions via the Internet. 
Cash or debit card payments made at one of our locations will not be subject to a convenience fee.
Thank you for supporting local business.

Android phone?  Please download our devote30 wireless App in the Play Store!